Issue Relationships now customizable

Starting Mantis 1.1.0a4, it is possible to add your own custom relationships. This means that you are no longer limited by “related to”, “parent of”, “child of”, “duplicate of” and “has duplicate”. Although the standard relationships ought to be enough for most users, we always aim to provide extensibility to allow Mantis users to customize their installations. Custom relationships are first class citizens in terms of being supported in View Issues page, relationship graphs, filters and email notifications; the same way native relationships are supported.

See wiki for detailed description of how to add “origin of” and “originates from” relationships.

This feature was contributed by kratib and integrated by grangeway.

4 thoughts on “Issue Relationships now customizable”

  1. i have added this code origin of and originates from, now the existing graph doesnt display

  2. I dont know if anyone can help me – I hope so. I am not very well technically versed but I have used the Mantis tracking tool for business purposes. I am now trying to set it up for a ‘home’ business but dont have a clue how to go about this. I contacted a hosting company, hostican, to find out if they could set this up for me securely. This is the trail of conversation:
    I said:
    Thank you for the quick response. Just to confirm that I understand:
    You can setup the Mantis bug tracking solution for me and provide ssl security. That you will set it up for me. Once setup, you will provide me with a url where I would be able to access the application securely. I could then use the application as administrator and setup other user accounts that will be able to access the application securely as well. Excuse my ignorance on this. If there is anything technical I need to do on my side to make this possible please let me know. Please could you give me a total price quotation including the once of costs and the ongoing monthly cost. Could you also let me know if we would require static IPs for this.

    Hostican said:
    Mantis bug tracking solution is a third party software and we dont provide support for it.
    We can only install SSL sertificate for you.
    Is there any provider that could set Mantis up for me and host it securely (I am not referring to application support as i know how to use it and create accounts for others etc – am just looking for someone to install it and provide hosting options. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

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