Mantis SOAP API out-of-the-box in v1.1.0a4

As of Mantis 1.1.0a4, MantisConnect web service will be released out-of-the-box with Mantis under the GPL license. The MantisConnect project will remain focused on the client libraries for the web service and useful tools on top of such libraries. Continue reading “Mantis SOAP API out-of-the-box in v1.1.0a4”

Mantis Blog and Twitter Integration

As part of running Mantis there is a lot of work that happens everyday, however, most users only know about it when they receive an email via one of the mailing lists or when they go to the website. There are a lot of other updates that are hidden somewhere in the changelog, the Mantis news, the wiki, or the forums. Hence, I’ve decided to rework the Mantis website to keep the Mantis community up-to-date with the latest in Mantis development. Continue reading “Mantis Blog and Twitter Integration”