Released 2012-03-16
0013486: [General] Adjust timestamps for time zones (vboctor)
0013830: [General] Subproject not selected as current project (vboctor)
0013811: [General] Installation - Missing files (vboctor)
0013663: [General] Hyperlinking Bug (vboctor)
0013698: [General] Fatal error (vboctor)
0013741: [General] Support URL parameter to accept redirections from MantisBT (vboctor)
0013742: [General] Doc bugs in MantisTouch first install (vboctor)
       0013744: [General] PHP Notice: Use of undefined constant SOAP_1_2 (vboctor)
       0013746: [General] Require MantisBT 1.2.5 or above and validate min requirement on login (vboctor)
0013743: [General] Handle the case where user has no custom filters (vboctor)
0014048: [General] MantisTouch login page logo broken (vboctor)
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