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0012297mantisbtfeaturepublic2018-11-26 04:55
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Product Version1.2.2 
Summary0012297: Download all attachments in a single zip file

Sometimes users attach lots of files (think about a creatives update for a website). Downloading them one by one becomes a nightmare so a way to download them quickly without having to install any browser extension would be very appreciated. There is a Mantis plugin to upload using drag and drop (see )... Why not another one (or a new Mantis feature) to download all (or selected) attachments as a single zip file?

At the moment I am using Firefox + DownThemAll! ( ), which is fine but I believe that this should not be browser dependant. What do you think?

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2018-11-26 02:34

reporter   ~0061005

I have implemented a plugin ( for my project.
it may be useful to you



2018-11-26 04:04

developer   ~0061009

@anatoly.kabakov Thanks for that.

To give more visibility to your plugin, may I suggest to transfer it to the mantisbt-plugins organization ?



2018-11-26 04:55

reporter   ~0061010


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