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0012769mantisbtchange logpublic2011-08-05 02:41
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Product Version1.2.4 
Summary0012769: Change log does not list tickets from sub-projects

In my setup, I have some projects defined and I have subprojects underneath them.

If I set a release on a ticket that is at the project level, it shows up in the change log as it's supposed to. If I do it to a ticket in a subproject, that ticket doesn't appear in the change log.

The Fixed In dropdown shows [mainproject_name release_name], but the change log doesn't display appropriately.

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duplicate of 0010873 closeddregad Change Log/Roadmap do not work with inherited versions. 




2011-02-17 17:28

reporter   ~0028252

Looks like this issue applies to Roadmaps too. Bugs tagged with a Target Version for a parent project show up in the road map, bugs tagged with a target version for a sub project do not



2011-02-18 02:22

developer   ~0028253

I think this is a dpulicate of 0010873
Do you agree?



2011-02-28 14:17

reporter   ~0028319

Agreed; Appears to be the same issue



2011-04-09 09:24

reporter   ~0028577

Goal: A roadmap page which also shows the roadmap of sub-projects on the page

I did test it on version 1.2.5 Git of 20110408 an the roadmap worked for sub-projects, Great!

I had:



Make sure you have:

  • A project with versions
  • Issues in the tracker that are not resolved
  • A Target Version set in every issue
  • A Viewable Project

One of the main thin to keep in mind that a roadmap is a Project bound to Version and Deliverydate. If one has no target version set it will an cannot show in the roadmap ofcourse.

If somethisn does not work since you upgraded from older versions then thes things might help:

  • Subproject inheritance

    Click button: Update subproject inheritance

    Then it does work, fine you are done!.


Unlink everythin first, set your version, then relink the sub-project
press [Unlink ]

Select all

update target version of a version in the dropdown

Now make it a sub-project again works, than good. If id dioes not make sure you understand mantis and roadmap concept well, and try again with a new Project and subproject.


Ensure you have set the config "$g_roadmap_view_threshold" to something good (e.g. VIEWER)

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