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0010873mantisbtroadmappublic2015-05-18 11:21
Reporterandy_mbt Assigned Todregad  
Status closedResolutionfixed 
Product Version1.2.15 
Target Version1.2.16Fixed in Version1.2.16 
Summary0010873: Change Log/Roadmap do not work with inherited versions.

Basically making an issue for: 0005668:0022460

When using the new version inheritance feature, issues are no longer populating the Change Log and Roadmap.

Steps To Reproduce
  • Create a project with a sub-project;
  • Add a version to the master project;
  • Have the sub-project inherit that version;
  • Resolve an issue in the sub-project using that version;
  • Check Change Log/Roadmap, they're empty.
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related to 0005668 acknowledged "versions" of parent project should be used in subprojects. 
related to 0011402 closeddhx SYSTEM WARNING: in_array() []: Wrong datatype for second argument 
has duplicate 0011430 closeddhx The bug in the subproject is not in the roadmap 
has duplicate 0012189 closed Subprojects using Parent project versions don't have roadmaps 
has duplicate 0012769 closedatrol Change log does not list tickets from sub-projects 
has duplicate 0014392 closeddregad Change log pag is blank/empty after migration! 
has duplicate 0017732 closeddregad Change Log and Roadmap don't correctly propagate versions to sub-projects 
related to 0014637 acknowledged Roadmap should not display versions defined in parent siblings ( parent's have some common sub-projects ) 




2009-10-09 07:15

reporter   ~0023106

I have seen the same thing. I migrated my project from 1.2RC1 to 1.2RC2 and cleaned up the versions. Now the roadmap is gone. I will try to find out what is happening in detail.



2009-10-09 09:31

reporter   ~0023107

I have seen this in 1.2RC2 (The roadmap for a subproject does not include an inherited version). I looked at the code and found that this was a caching issue. After commenting out the cache check at the start of version_get_all_rows() (version_api.php) I attained the expected(?) behaviour.

Hope that helps anyone trying to fix it.



2009-11-07 10:53

reporter   ~0023613

I followed what you said neilc, unfortunately that only solved one of the two.

I can now see the Change Log but still can't see anything under Roadmap.

Any other ideas?



2010-01-05 15:53

reporter   ~0024052

When retesting this defect it is important to make sure you do not set the "Released" option to on, if release means, it will not be on the roadmap, since it is , ahum ...released.



2010-01-17 18:50

reporter   ~0024187

Can someone please retest this with the latest git checkout of 1.2.x or 1.3.x? neilc commented above about a caching issue that I should have hopefully fixed as part of 0011402



2010-01-25 06:13

reporter   ~0024241

Still doesn't work with nightly build as of 2010-01-22. A quick fix is to comment out the invocation of version_cache_array_rows() in roadmap_page.php and changelog_page.php. However, as neilc commented above, the main problem seems to be in core/version_api.php:version_get_all_rows() where very different things are done depending on whether versions are cached or not.



2010-01-25 08:09

reporter   ~0024243

Still doesn't work with nightly build as of 2010-01-25,see



2010-03-23 08:37

reporter   ~0024866

Last edited: 2010-03-23 08:37

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Tested with the latest 1.2 nightly, roadmap is still empty for sub-project issue.
Can't find too the git commit, maybe someone can link it to me?



2010-03-24 15:34

reporter   ~0024902

I just tested this with 1.3.0dev-2010-03-24 and still a no go. Both the roadmap and the changelog do not show sub-project issues where the version is inherited from the parent project.



2010-07-12 04:41

reporter   ~0026054

Can the target version be changed to the next release which I assume will still be one of the 1.2.x versions?



2010-08-05 17:37

reporter   ~0026231

Replacing this issue with bug 0011802 since the other one has a patch attached.



2010-08-05 17:53

reporter   ~0026234

Apologies for the bug noise, was looking at the wrong bug.



2010-08-07 16:21

reporter   ~0026241


1) If replace version_get_all_rows in roadmap_page.php,

SELECT versions.*
FROM bug_table
LEFT JOIN versions ON versions.version = bug_table.target_version
bug_table.project_id = ?
AND bug_table.target_version <> ''
AND versions.obsolete = ?
GROUP BY bug_table.target_version
ORDER BY versions.date_order DESC


1.A) versions.version is unique index,
( Why bug_table.target_version is versions.version? Well, I think [A] is impossible, because copy paste versions feature. )


1.B) New field: bug_table.target_version_id INT UNSIGNED
( LEFT JOIN versions ON = bug_table.target_version_id )

====== OR =======

2) Synchronize versions table

2.1) New field: versions.parent_id INT UNSIGNED NOT NULL DEFAULT 0

2.2) Inssue, On change target-version,
Synchronize versions table, adding or updating the version in sub-project.
SubprojectVersion.parent_id =

2.3) Manage Project, list versions WHERE parent_id = 0

2.4) Manage Project, after edit version,
UPDATE versions SET version = ?, description = ?, ... WHERE parent_id = [this->id]

I'm using 1.A, because my projects doesn't have same version name.

Foo project - Foo1.0
Foo project - Foo2.0
Foo subproject
Bar project - Bar1.0
Bar project - Bar2.0
Bar subproject



2010-08-07 16:41

reporter   ~0026242

Solution 3: disable get versions from cache

function version_get_all_rows( $p_project_id, $p_released = null, $p_obsolete = false, $p_inherit = null ) {
// global $g_cache_versions, $g_cache_versions_project;

It solves, i.e., we have a problem in caching results.



2010-08-09 03:18

reporter   ~0026245

Last edited: 2010-08-09 03:18

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@neosonicxmantis (aka hero): Solution 3 works fine with 1.2.0 as well. many thanks!



2010-08-09 20:24

reporter   ~0026260

Confirmed that solution 3 displays the information. I think it should be grouped by milestone though rather than by project/subproject, but I'm happy to open another bug for that.



2010-09-08 08:34

developer   ~0026622

Last edited: 2010-09-21 08:13

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Solution 3 outlined in 0010873:0026242 worked great for me, on 1.2.1. Thanks for the suggestion !

Update: this fix causes bugs to be displayed twice when displaying the roadmap for a child project (one for the parent, and one for the child). When displaying the roadmap for the parent, the same behavior can be observed, for each of the child projects (i.e. parent has one bug list per upcoming version, and each child has 2)

Example: Assuming parent project "P" has child project "C", and C is set to inherit versions from P, the Roadmap for C looks like this:

C - Roadmap

C - 2.1 (Scheduled For Release 2011-01-10)

(list of issues for C in release 2.1)

P - 2.1 (Scheduled For Release 2011-01-10)

(list of issues, identical to above)



2010-12-16 15:09

reporter   ~0027622

Are there any news on that issue? Is that somehow scheduled or is someone already working on that?



2011-02-03 13:18

reporter   ~0028154

I have the same problem with 1.2.4 does someone know if it is fixed? Roadmapping and change log works fine when you have no subprojects. Since we have a lot of products and new development activity's i would like to use sub projects.



2011-03-09 10:50

reporter   ~0028392

The proposed solution that the caching for the getting the projects associated with the version worked for me also, I didn't understand why the child projects are not added in cache for a specific version, I'll investigate this.

Here is the quick fix:

Solution 3: disable get versions from cache

function version_get_all_rows( $p_project_id, $p_released = null, $p_obsolete = false, $p_inherit = null ) {
global $g_cache_versions, $g_cache_versions_project;

/*if( isset( $g_cache_versions_project[ (int)$p_project_id ] ) ) {
    if( !empty( $g_cache_versions_project[ (int)$p_project_id ]) ) {
        foreach( $g_cache_versions_project[ (int)$p_project_id ] as $t_id ) {
            $t_versions[] = version_cache_row( $t_id );
        return $t_versions;
    } else {
        return array();


2011-03-11 13:56

reporter   ~0028405

Confirmed that the quick fix in 0010873:0028392 fixes the display for me



2011-03-14 04:43

reporter   ~0028413

Even though this is more a workaround than fixing the actual caching problem, can the commenting out fix be put in the next 1.2.x release? It's a pain having to remember to re-implement this and is a fairly major bug for those of us using subprojects!

(Maybe this bug could be resolved and a new one created for fixing the caching?)



2011-04-09 09:25

reporter   ~0028578

Goal: A roadmap page which also shows the roadmap of sub-projects on the page

I did test it on version 1.2.5 Git of 20110408 an the roadmap worked for sub-projects, Great!

I had:



Make sure you have:

  • A project with versions
  • Issues in the tracker that are not resolved
  • A Target Version set in every issue
  • A Viewable Project

One of the main thin to keep in mind that a roadmap is a Project bound to Version and Deliverydate. If one has no target version set it will an cannot show in the roadmap ofcourse.

If somethisn does not work since you upgraded from older versions then thes things might help:

  • Subproject inheritance

    Click button: Update subproject inheritance

    Then it does work, fine you are done!.


Unlink everythin first, set your version, then relink the sub-project
press [Unlink ]

Select all

update target version of a version in the dropdown

Now make it a sub-project again works, than good. If id dioes not make sure you understand mantis and roadmap concept well, and try again with a new Project and subproject.


Ensure you have set the config "$g_roadmap_view_threshold" to something good (e.g. VIEWER)



2011-08-17 11:24

reporter   ~0029494

it does not work in our installation.

We today installed 1.2.6.

On project A I defined a version "test". I created a subproject B and connected it to A (including inheritance). Finally I created an issue under B and fixed in the inherited version "test" (also setting the target version).
The version shows at the issue but the roadmap and changelog are staying empty.

In another project we have no subprojects and are using versions; here, I can view the roadmap and changelog as in this site.

There is still something wrong...



2011-08-25 07:30

reporter   ~0029559

Solution 3 works fine for 1.2.7 as well.




2011-09-01 10:35

reporter   ~0029612

This would be good to fix in next 1.2.x relase also



2012-01-24 07:22

reporter   ~0031018

Still an issue in my tracker (1.2.8).

A fix was mentioned in but then occurred. Why not, then hold a list of all mentioned bug IDs on the page in a cache?

I'll see if I can make a patch to the master branch today.



2012-08-23 09:26

reporter   ~0032628

Solution 3 was a great improvement for my users on 1.2.10 as well.

My only problem is the road map displaying versions from a parent's sibling when the other parent is selected before displaying road map. I created issue 0014637 for this.



2013-02-14 10:54

reporter   ~0035141

I, too, would love to see a fix for this. I'm just getting into doing target versions and roadmaps, and this bug makes having a project hierarchy break my roadmaps completely.

If I'm looking at the roadmap for a parent project, and a version in the parent project is used as a target for an issue in a sub-project, then that sub-issue should appear in the roadmap. (Right? Is this controversial?)



2013-02-14 11:13

reporter   ~0035143

The scenario as described by dtgriscom I do not think is controversial. The "solution 3" fix provided by gma in one of the notes above provides a work-around to implement this feature.

I would enjoy seeing a solution in 1.3.x for the scenario described by dregad in issue 0014637 : "Roadmap should not display versions defined in parent siblings ( parent's have some common sub-projects )"




2013-02-17 16:17

reporter   ~0035191

I have a very simple fix for this. Additional to 0010873:0028392 I added an simple skip logic for already shown bugs:

if(in_array($t_row['id'], $arDisplayedBugs) == true)

$arDisplayedBugs[] = $t_row['id'];



2013-03-20 02:19

reporter   ~0035920

I am upgrading from 1.2.6 to 1.2.14 tonight and transferring my local copy of "solution 3" as I found it necessary for the same reason as everyone else.

mmmichael, any chance you can provide a context diff so I can be sure I'm putting the code in exactly the right place? thx



2013-06-24 06:09

reporter   ~0037264

Root cause of all these problems relating to the road map is that the version is not properly stored in the bug_table. It is stored as a string and this makes it very difficult to find the real version. In my opinion it should be the version id. Is there anyway to run an automated upgrade script?

Example when this is a problem. I have project A with sub project B, both have a version 0.1, then the bug will be assigned to project A 0.1 but will also show up in project B 0.1

It seems that the whole idea of version inheritance is a bit flawed, I can not imagine a proper usage. Either you have all versions defined in the parent or all version per project, a mixture seems a recipe for disaster.



2013-06-24 07:23

developer   ~0037265

I agree with you that how we currently deal with versions and inheritance is clunky (at best).

However, refactoring this is no small undertaking, and an automated upgrade script would be quite complex and is highly likely to encounter issues trying to determine which issue id to use, especially in the cases where we have multiple versions with the same name, combined with the notion of inheritance.



2013-06-24 22:06

reporter   ~0037271

I have submitted a fix to github that leaves the caching mechanism intact.



2013-06-26 02:16

developer   ~0037302

Thanks for the pull request, I will have a look as time allows



2013-10-21 17:53

developer   ~0038322

Thanks for your patch Peter, I've merged it in.

Related Changesets

MantisBT: master-1.2.x 11cc5daf

2013-06-24 21:58:31


Committer: dregad Details Diff
(issue 0010873) Fixes missing version on roadmap

Bugs with a target version that is inherited from a parent project
are not shown on the roadmap.
This fixes this and leaves the caching feature intact.
Affected Issues
mod - core/version_api.php Diff File

MantisBT: master fa979d8a

2013-09-29 17:33:27


Details Diff
Fix 0010873: version inheritance in roadmap and changelog

Bugs with a target version that is inherited from a parent project
are not shown on the roadmap.
This fixes this and leaves the caching feature intact.

Many thanks to Peter Bruin for providing a fix for this long-standing
Affected Issues
mod - core/version_api.php Diff File
mod - library/adodb Diff File

MantisBT: master-1.2.x 88045cf0

2013-10-21 17:43:49


Details Diff
Fix 0010873: version inheritance in roadmap and changelog

Many thanks to Peter Bruin for providing a fix for this long-standing
Affected Issues
mod - core/version_api.php Diff File

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