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0012936mantisbtreportspublic2024-05-11 17:23
Reporterbetatester Assigned Todregad  
Status closedResolutionno change required 
Product Version1.2.5 
Summary0012936: Please add a target version control to mantis summary tab

It will be very helpful to get this control in. It will help to gather the statistics for definite iteration. And will give more flexible controls for tracking (monitoring) the statuses for the iterations.
This control is needed in graph mode too. The visualization of target version results is very helpful.

Steps To Reproduce


  1. Login the Mantis.
  2. Switch to one of the projects.
  3. Select Summary tab.

Actual results:
The target version drop down is missed.
See att.

Expected results:
Need to add above described control. This is the feature request.

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related to 0021931 closedcproensa Filtered Summary 




2012-01-03 01:35

reporter   ~0030767

This is also a feature we wanted. :)



2016-05-05 06:54

reporter   ~0053073

take my vote too.



2024-04-24 13:24

developer   ~0068869

@dregad does it make sense to implement it this way?
The next request will be for a "Fixed in version" drop down, then next field, ....
When this issue was opened, there was no funcionality to open the summary page from "View Issues" page using any filter you want, see 0021931



2024-04-25 02:30

developer   ~0068870

I just changed a wrong category as I noticed it yesterday, did not actually analyze whether the requested change made any sense.

open the summary page from "View Issues" page using any filter you want, see 0021931

Indeed this kind of makes this request pointless, I'll close it as no change required then.