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0013056mantisbtinstallationpublic2019-02-06 13:04
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PlatformMantis with reverse proxy Apache 
Product Version1.2.5 
Summary0013056: Url are coding with static path instead of relative path

These url are coding with a static path :
It only works if there are in the root directory whereas there are supposed to be in the mantis directory.
It works if these files does not contain a "/" caracter at the beginning.

Steps To Reproduce

install mantis with a reverse proxy :

|reverse proxy| <=> |application server| <=> |database server|

Additional Information

To use mantis with a proxy and don't move files and folders, we rewrite some code in 3 files. But we are not totally sure if it is the best solution.

line 13
// modif proxy
$g_path = '';
$t_url = '';

line 292
//return $t_path . '/' . $t_script . $t_query . $t_anchor;
// modif proxy
return $t_path . $t_script . $t_query . $t_anchor;

line 482
//return config_get_global( 'short_path' ) . $p_url;
// modif proxy
return $p_url;

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related to 0009333 new Wrong protocol when using Apache mod_proxy as a reverse proxy to access a Mantis service. 
related to 0024860 new Refused to load the stylesheet '<URL>' 




2011-07-08 10:52

reporter   ~0029136

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ProxyPass /mantis/ https://proxy/
ProxyPassReverse /mantis/ https://proxy/
for a total access of mantis with a proxy url must be rewrite with the /mantis/ path

resolution in config_defaults_inc.php, line 119 :

if ( isset( $_SERVER['HTTP_X_FORWARDED_HOST'] ) ) {
$t_path = '/mantis/';
$t_url = $t_protocol . '://' . $t_host . $t_path;



2013-05-20 11:36

reporter   ~0036907

related to 0009333 ?



2018-07-06 08:57

reporter   ~0060223

Hi, I saw this old issue and I have the exact same problem.

Setting the variables to "$g_path" "$t_url" to an empty string solves the issue of the proxy access, however it raises another issue regarding the email notifications.

E.g: here's what an account confirmation link sent via e-mail looks like: "verify.php?id=16&confirm_hash=uc0yto1gDYo3VB0GH7639MpNeOXAiBVraM0xAyMh8__O6eF-WsCVt7Py5KnqpKcs9SpNkXAPPP22nk9zuGk0".

Why isn't Mantis built on relative paths ?



2019-02-06 12:30

reporter   ~0061422

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