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0009333mantisbtotherpublic2019-02-06 13:04
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PlatformLinuxOSOpenSUSEOS Version10.3
Product Version1.1.0 
Summary0009333: Wrong protocol when using Apache mod_proxy as a reverse proxy to access a Mantis service.

We use Apache HTTP Server's mod_proxy facility on our extranet server to stitch together a range of services on internal servers and to add SSL on top.

When we do this to an internal Mantis service we find that most of it is fine but a few parts are linked as "http" not "https".

  • The style sheet
  • The logout page
  • The confirmation link in the registration email

Removing all use of %path% from config_inc.php fixes the first two problems by making relative paths but the confirmation link needs to be a full URL so I can't see how to fix that.

Steps To Reproduce

Set up a Mantis server running on an insecure server (http).
Set up a second server running Apache and mod_proxy. This needs to serve https.
Set up the mod_proxy to map the Mantis on the first server into the structure of the second server.
Go to the Mantis as mapped on the second server (https).
Notice how most of it works but some parts do not.
The style sheet won't load. Look at the HTML source. Notice how the link to the style sheet says "http" not "https".
Logout. Notice the error.
Register a new account. Notice the error in the confirmation link it sends.

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related to 0024860 new Refused to load the stylesheet '<URL>' 
related to 0013056 new Url are coding with static path instead of relative path 




2013-05-20 11:31

reporter   ~0036906

Last edited: 2013-05-20 11:35

This is a major bug IMO,
as this issue has been created in 2008 I assume someone found a workaround ?

I am using Mantis 1.2.12

Relationship : 0013056



2018-07-06 09:09

reporter   ~0060224

Last edited: 2018-07-06 09:12

Yes, there's totally a link with 0013056

I'd say the main problem is that Mantis uses absolute paths.

(personal opinion: why in the world does it use absolute paths ?)



2019-02-06 12:30

reporter   ~0061423

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