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0013979mantisbtfeaturepublic2020-02-23 20:59
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Summary0013979: Top nav search functionality, e.g. top "Jump" bar could accept search terms for quicker search navigation.

I came to report this issue because I found a convenience issue with the need to click through to "view issues" before you can search for a term. It would be much more convenient to have direct access to a keyword search in the top header at all times than to have to click through a certain link to get access to it.

Steps To Reproduce

Try to search for an issue by keyword.

If you have a keyword, say "Particle", and you want to find an issue with that keyword, you will generally have to A: be familiar enough with the interface that you know that searching is available only within the "View Issues" link, and B: click through the "view issues" link, load that new page, and then find the search box part way down that page and then do the search before you get your results.

Additional Information

Now, there's already a "search" type box in the header that currently only accepts integers and just gives an error on anything else.

With a if((int) $term = $term) type check and branching, it could act as a search box, using any integers as a check for issue numbers and everything else as a keyword search by passing the term through to the filter search results page here:

Obviously there are a variety of other ways to implement this as well.

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2012-02-29 03:45

developer   ~0031351

Maybe this plugin can do what you need



2012-02-29 10:54

reporter   ~0031354

....a command line interface? ...does it also add to the web ui or something?



2012-03-01 03:26

developer   ~0031356

It's just a text field that is displayed on MantisBT header, allowing you to enter some commands including "s" for search.



2018-04-12 13:53

reporter   ~0059543

2018: similar request in forum.
Can we bump this to acknowledged status and maybe identify dupe requests?



2018-06-01 15:53

reporter   ~0060005

Could you replace the the field "entry #" on dashboard page by a full text search, please?



2019-03-19 16:17

reporter   ~0061717

+1 from me. If the 'jump' field could do a keyword search if the string did not match an exact issue number, that'd be nice.



2019-11-02 09:36

reporter   ~0063050

I would like to search tickets, but I can not enter a word or words in search, only numbers are accepted.
It is a big problem.