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0004817mantisbtotherpublic2019-12-10 09:56
Reporterryandesign Assigned To 
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Product Version0.19.0 
Summary0004817: Main menu needs "Search" or "Find" button or link

The first thing I'm likely to want to do when I reach a Mantis installation is figure out whether the bug I want to report has already been reported, so I want to "search" for or "find" bugs. But there is no link or button labeled "Search" or "Find" so I'm confused right off the bat. It takes a moment to realize that I'm supposed to click "View Issues". Would be helpful if somehow the word "Search" or "Find" could be worked into the link.

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related to 0013979 acknowledged Top nav search functionality, e.g. top "Jump" bar could accept search terms for quicker search navigation. 




2006-12-19 16:26

reporter   ~0013848

I agree. I was confused at first, too. It seems to me that it would be more useful to have a "Search" on the top-right of the nav instead of a "Jump". If you "Search" for a issue ID, you could still be taken straight to that issue.



2019-12-10 09:52

reporter   ~0063242

related to 0013979