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0014406mantisbtwebpagepublic2012-07-02 03:20
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PlatformWindows and Linux both 
Product Version1.2.11 
Summary0014406: Required field web page reload data loss


When we forgot to fill a require field or combo, mantis forwards us to a page which inform us about this. It's OK.
But we only go back for the previous page, but all data we added before are lost, because mantis reload the whole page.

Is there any setting or trick to avoid this situation is mantis, because it's very annoying when I forgot a little thing (which is important), I typed 300 chars and all of this are lost.

Thank you!

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duplicate of 0009609 acknowledged Blank input fields lead to complete loss of typed in data if HTTPS is used 




2012-06-22 05:24

developer   ~0032143

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Do you use https?
Do you get the issue when using Firefox?



2012-06-22 05:46

reporter   ~0032144


yes, we use https
we can induce under firefox (13) and chrome (19.0.1084.56 m) and chromium too

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