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0009609mantisbtbugtrackerpublic2019-10-09 06:52
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PlatformPCOSXP ProfessionalOS VersionSP3
Product Version1.2.0a2 
Summary0009609: Blank input fields lead to complete loss of typed in data if HTTPS is used

When a required field is left empty and the report form is submitted, there is no way of recovering the submitted data if https is used, as browsers won't save the history information for security reasons.

Steps To Reproduce
  • Access Mantis via https
  • Report a new issue
  • leave a required field blank, fill in some other fields
  • Submit the form
  • go back in History
  • find that the form is empty again (tested in Opera 9, Firefox 3)
Additional Information

This may apply to other forms as well. It would be better if the form would be shown again with the submitted information and an error message above.

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has duplicate 0014406 closedatrol Required field web page reload data loss 
has duplicate 0012492 closedatrol Complete input get lost when timeout or not filling all required fields (when using ssl/https) 
has duplicate 0014804 closeddregad Text Field Input Not Saved If Error Is Encountered 
related to 0011935 closedgrangeway Profile information is lost after 'recheck your inputs' error 




2008-09-10 09:24

reporter   ~0019349

Yes, it would be nice if Mantis specifically handled it better than requiring the browser's back button, but for the time being it's unfortunately not feasible.



2013-06-05 07:25

reporter   ~0037102

Is this bug the same as 0012492? Since that bug is closed and doesn't have "Fixed in version" set...



2013-06-05 07:43

developer   ~0037104

Have a look at the relationships section.
0012492 is closed as a duplicate of 0009609



2019-10-09 06:52

reporter   ~0062968

Very annoying bug :-(

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