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0014804mantisbtfeaturepublic2013-10-18 17:01
Reporterphyllisl Assigned Todregad  
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Product Version1.3.0dev 
Summary0014804: Text Field Input Not Saved If Error Is Encountered

When user report and issue in Mantis 1.3, if they forget to select the category and go ahead report the issue, they will have an error triggered instruct them to go back to fill out the missing information, but all the information that they entered before are all gone when they go back to previous report page.

Is there a way to fix it in Mantis 1.3?

Steps To Reproduce

Report Issue-> Fill out any necessary fields but leave one blank -> Report Issue and trigger error: necessary field missing -> Back Button -> All text field are blank

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duplicate of 0009609 acknowledged Blank input fields lead to complete loss of typed in data if HTTPS is used 
related to 0009813 acknowledged Redesign forms in Mantis to not need the Back Button for mistakes. 




2012-10-10 16:43

reporter   ~0033150

I can see there were some solution towards 0009609. and 0009813 but none of them solves the problem that our Mantis1.3 is having as far as I know.

I am using Ubuntu 12.04 Firefox 15.0



2012-10-11 03:16

developer   ~0033153

I still believe this is the same root cause as described in 0009609, hence my resolving this as duplicate. I know it's not fixed in 1.3, but that does not mean we should keep two separate issues to track this, unless you have evidence that it is indeed a different problem.



2012-10-11 17:02

reporter   ~0033164

Ok, understood. Thank you for your time and explanation.



2012-10-11 18:32

reporter   ~0033167

Marking as duplicate of 0009609

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