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0014820mantisbtreportspublic2019-04-14 12:22
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Product Version1.2.8 
Summary0014820: Summary Page graph 'By status' showing more than the statuses in the current workflow

When choosing a specific project and then showing the Summary Page graph 'By status', all configured statuses (and not only those present in the workflow of the currently selected project) are taken into account for building the graphs.

This is reproducible for every of the around 30 sub-projects I have.

This might also apply to the other graphs 'By priority', 'By severity' and so on.

Additional Information

In my opinion this is caused by the usage of the function MantisEnum::getAssocArrayIndexedByValues in MantisGraph plugin file graph_api.php, which is not taking workflows and so on into account.

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2012-10-12 05:25

reporter   ~0033174

Just had a look into master_1.2.x and master branch, the problem should be present there also.



2012-11-23 06:01

reporter   ~0034364

Last edited: 2012-11-23 06:04

Here is what I did to resolve the problem (its more a workaround than a real solution):
Add the following lines of code between

$t_assoc_array = MantisEnum::getAssocArrayIndexedByValues( $p_enum_string ); (line 584 in my installation)


foreach ( $t_assoc_array as $t_value => $t_label ) {

in the file graph_api.php (function create_bug_enum_summary) of MantisGraph plugin.

if(strcasecmp($p_enum,'status') == 0)
$t_workflow = config_get('status_enum_workflow');
$t_assoc_array_complete = $t_assoc_array;
$t_assoc_array = array();

foreach($t_assoc_array_complete as $t_value => $t_label)
        $t_assoc_array[$t_value] = $t_label;




2015-02-18 07:13

reporter   ~0048857

in my case, it has also helped
Mantis Version 1.2.19
MantisBT-Grafiken Version 1.0 use bundle, JpGraph Anti-Aliasing = on