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0001568mantisbtemailpublic2008-07-24 16:50
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Summary0001568: Abillity to send mail to mantis adding bugs and bugnotes

This could be implemented with a croned perl or php script.

I could imagine 2 different types:
e-mails with a subject starting with "PROJ:TDC:The real subject goes here", resulted in a new bug being created in the TDC-project with som standard values.

e-mails with a subject starting with "BUGNOTE:0000234:The real subject goes here", resulted in a new bugnote being added to the 0000234 bug.

Off course it would be nice if attachements were automagically added...

Security would be an issue, but could be disregarded in a first version.

This would allow for automatic cc-inclusion. Nice!

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2002-08-17 07:34

reporter   ~0003121

It's on the list. Don't expect it too soon, though.



2006-06-09 03:45

reporter   ~0012950

I'd rather suggest: emails that have an issue ID in the subject ("[0001568] add emails") will be added as notes, if there's no issue ID in the subject, create a new issue.

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