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0016995mantisbtdocumentationpublic2014-12-08 02:08
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Summary0016995: Absolute g_manual_url becomes relative on proj_doc_page.php

The default value of g_manual_url (fullpath) becomes part of the link to the manual.

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2014-02-26 11:59

developer   ~0039558



2014-06-11 12:33

developer   ~0040795

The documentation page will now build a correct link also for absolute URLs. If a relative path that does not exist is provided, the code falls back to the online manual (

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MantisBT: master b36ac41d

2014-06-02 06:38:08


Details Diff
Fix absolute URLs issue with 'User Documentation' link

This resolves the issue with absolute URLs specified in $g_manual_url
becoming relative on project documentation pages.

Following discussions in the pull request [1], the solution implements
additional logic in the print_doc_menu() function that checks whether
the provided URL is absolute or relative (based on presence of an URL
- if relative, makes sure the local path exists
- if yes, build absolute URL using helper_mantis_url()
- if not, fall back to the online manual on
- if absolute, uses the URL as-is without check

Since this is currently the only use case for absolute URLs with
helper_mantis_url() and the documentation feature is deprecated, it made
more sense to have the logic in print_doc_menu() rather than creating a
new API function.

Fixes 0016995

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