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0026139mantisbtreportspublic2024-02-19 18:50
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Target Version2.23.0Fixed in Version2.23.0 
Summary0026139: Move MantisGraph pages to their own tab

Until now, the various graphs generated by MantisGraph core plugin were available via the Summary page's submenu.

The plugin was adding a "Synthesis" menu item for the main summary page, and created additional items for its own. As a result, the Main menu contained only a single Summary item, wasting screen real-estate.

Since we have EVENT_MENU_SUMMARY which allows adding items to the main summary page menu, it would be better to regroup all MantisGraph pages under their own Graphs tab, next to the Summary tab.

Additional Information

See before (0026139:0062799) & after (0026139:0062800) screenshots in notes below.

NOTE: the updated plugin signals a new EVENT_MANTISGRAPH_SUBMENU event, allowing 3rd-party plugins to add additional graphs.

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related to 0026445 closedatrol Summary have two synthesis tabs 
related to 0033520 closeddregad Cannot add option to MantisGraph 




2019-09-13 18:34

developer   ~0062799

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summary_before.png (8,780 bytes)   
summary_before.png (8,780 bytes)   


2019-09-13 18:34

developer   ~0062800


summary_after_1.png (4,179 bytes)   
summary_after_1.png (4,179 bytes)   
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summary_after_2.png (10,860 bytes)   


2019-09-13 18:38

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2019-09-13 18:51

developer   ~0062802

Attached is a basic plugin I used to test the UI when new pages are added to

  • the Summary submenu (hooking EVENT_SUBMENU_SUMMARY)
  • the Graphs submenu (hooking new MantisGraph event EVENT_MANTISGRAPH_SUBMENU)

Related Changesets

MantisBT: master 986363b1

2019-10-09 00:04


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Move MantisGraph pages to their own tab

Until now, graphs generated by MantisGraph core plugin were available
via the Summary page's submenu. The plugin was adding a "Synthesis" menu
item for the main summary page, and created additional ones for its own
pages. As a result, the Main menu contained only a single item, wasting
screen real-estate.

We use of the EVENT_MENU_SUMMARY event to regroup all MantisGraph pages
under their own "Graphs" tab, next to the original "Summary" tab.

Fixes 0026139
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