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0021614mantisbttimelinepublic2017-09-04 19:06
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Product Version1.3.0 
Summary0021614: Add project name to issues showed in timeline

After implementation of 0021072, now timeline can show issues of other projects that current one (eg: subprojects)

Showing the issue's project would improve the information showed by timeline, in a similar way the filter boxes from my view show the actual project of issues.

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2016-08-16 11:40

developer   ~0053816

We should be careful to avoid cluttering the interface by adding too much information.

Consider the case where a single issue is updated several times in sequence, either via distinct manual changes, or with a single event that generates multiple history entries (e.g. resolution: status change, assignment, note added). Displaying many times the project name could make the timeline less readable.

At the very least, the project name should only be shown when necessary (i.e. when it is different from the currently selected project).



2016-08-16 11:55

developer   ~0053819

At the very least, the project name should only be shown when necessary


I was thinking the same as you, how to do it to not clutter
A good place may be to add it to the text that pops up when hovering over the id link.