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0022021mantisbtfilterspublic2019-08-24 21:54
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Product Version2.0.0-rc.2 
Summary0022021: Support relative date filtering

It would be useful to support relative date filtering so that it is possible to filter on issues that have been submitted in the last N days for example, and have this as a saved filter.

For example:
Start Date: -7 days
End Date: +7 days

The +7 days would apply for cases like custom fields and due date. Though as per 0011977 filtering based on due date is not supported.

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2016-12-07 02:22

manager   ~0054707

Here is a tweet requesting this feature:

This can be achieved by filtering on issues who last updated range is as follows:

  • From: N/A
  • To: -14 days


2016-12-07 03:24

developer   ~0054708

This and 0022020 is on my radar too.

This can't be achieved with current filter structure, because the date is stored as absolute value. In this case we should store the date differences, and be calculated at runtime.
This way we can have a filter that always selects "FROM date +- N days TO date +- N days"



2017-02-14 13:28

reporter   ~0055674

I vote for this too. I have a special list of tasks that have todo date on it. This is kind of todo list not bugs list. Mantis is very good on tracking such task-lists too. I would like to show in 'view issues' only tasks which have todo date before 'current date + 1 days'. This way I would not pollute the screen with tasks that have been pushed few months ahead. I work on the special project daily basis and the goal is to keep the mentioned tasks count 0. Today I am sorting the tasks and check the dates.

I use Mantis v 2.1



2017-06-08 12:54

reporter   ~0057045

using Mantis 2.5.0. Need a due_date filtering in this way.