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0022109mantisbtuipublic2017-04-20 03:05
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Product Version2.0.0-beta.1 
Summary0022109: Bugnotes links tilde ' ~' sign rendered as dash '-' in View page

See attached screenshot.

This only occurs at 100% zoom level, when the font size is 13px, and is consistently reproducible with Firefox and Chrome and IE.

Steps To Reproduce

Open any issue's bug view page at 100% zoom, e.g.

Additional Information

This would appear to be an issue with the Open Sans font

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has duplicate 0022748 closedatrol Tilde looks like hyphen on Chrome/Windows 




2017-01-04 09:16


tilde-as-dash.png (29,852 bytes)   
tilde-as-dash.png (29,852 bytes)   

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