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0023160mantisbtfilterspublic2019-08-20 21:37
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Summary0023160: [Feature request] Option to filter custom text fields based on being non-blank

I have some custom fields in my local installation, which are filled with references to external documents for tracking purposes. Some issues will have this reference, but others will be left blank (mostly depending on who is filing the report, and whether they are running a specific set of test cases for testing against that document)

It is useful to be able to filter all bugs that have such references. This is the opposite of the "[none]" filter, and can be done quite tediously by switching to Advanced Filters, and selecting all options except "[any]" and "[none]", provided that list does not get truncated. But if that filter is saved, it is a snapshot of the values that were available at the time of saving, and any new references that are added later are not included in the filter.

Steps To Reproduce
  1. Add a custom text field.
  2. Fill a few different values on a few bugs
  3. Try to find all the bugs that have something filled in in the custom text field.
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duplicate of 0012798 new Add a filter option [Something] as opposite of [None] i.e. field not null 
related to 0007693 closedcproensa Need alternative filtering for custom fields 
related to 0007007 closedatrol Filter for custom field is lacking [empty] 




2019-08-20 21:37

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