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Summary0007693: Need alternative filtering for custom fields

I have two custom fields: Reported To Vendor (enumeration No|Yes), and Vendor Tracking ID (string). These are used because we are resellers and provide support for software developed by another company. We want to track bugs that are reported to us, and which we subsequently report to the vendor. We have a few products like this, and of course everyone's tracking numbers are different from our own.

It is correct that the filter for the enumeration should be a pulldown list.

For the String field, we also get a pulldown list, including [any] and [none]. The list gets populated with all data entered for that form, which could be huge for larger databases. I believe that should be an open text entry, allowing for a manual entry of [any] or [none], or with a checkbox or another dropdown to allow either of those selections.

Consider that for this specific data I may also want to filter for vendor tracking IDs within some alphanumeric range. As you can see, alternatives to filtering this data would be useful.


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duplicate of 0007285 acknowledged Filters and custom fields: Filter by regex or substring 
related to 0023160 closedcproensa [Feature request] Option to filter custom text fields based on being non-blank 




2007-02-14 17:34

reporter   ~0014044

After completely forgetting about this request I just had reason to come back with a different reason for supporting exactly the same request.

Using standard filters we have [any] and [none] for the string data. While I have a number of fields for which I did not enter any data, the [none] option does not show records with these fields empty. I suspect this is because the string value is empty string ("") rather than Null. So not only would I like to see the filtering expanded, but in this case filtering on a custom field simply isn't working properly because we don't get the option to search for missing data.

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