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0023311mantisbtfilterspublic2017-10-08 23:52
Reporterj_schultz Assigned Toatrol  
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Product Version2.1.0 
Target Version2.7.0Fixed in Version2.7.0 
Summary0023311: "View issues" on changelog page does not show closed issues

I'm not sure if this is intended behaviour, but if you check the changelog for some version (e.g. and click the "View issues" link at the end of the page, closed issues are not shown by default. I would expect that the filter would show all issues assigned to this version.

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related to 0022404 new View Issues in Changelog doesn't filter by status 
related to 0023323 closedatrol Wrong filter links on summary page 
has duplicate 0022810 closedatrol Wrong links in Change Log and Roadmap 




2017-09-05 09:11

developer   ~0057615

Works with 2.0.0, regression introduced in 2.1.0, maybe one of the 0021935 changes.



2017-09-05 09:41

developer   ~0057616

The fix is certainly quite easy by adding the following code to the link at two places and also in the roadmap page


There are also some more places with similar issues (at least some of the summary page links).
Do you think that changing the links is the right approach, or should the default filter be changed?



2017-09-05 10:03

developer   ~0057617

Do you think that changing the links is the right approach

With the current approach to what is known as "default filter", the best solution at the moment i think is to explicitly add the hide-status=none option when needed.

or should the default filter be changed

At some point in the future, with the ongoing work on filters, this will be possible. It's on my to-do list...



2017-09-06 02:24

developer   ~0057619




2017-09-06 08:51

developer   ~0057624

There are also some more places with similar issues (at least some of the summary page links).

Opened 0023323 for it.

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MantisBT: master 46aae5e5

2017-09-06 02:21:05


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Fix filter links on Change Log and Roadmap page

Fixes 0023311

Minor PHPDoc correction
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