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0023562mantisbtuipublic2017-11-01 04:13
Reportercproensa Assigned To 
PrioritynormalSeverityminorReproducibilityhave not tried
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Product Version2.8.0 
Summary0023562: Show a visual hint for private issues

Similarly to how private bugnotes are presented visually with different colors, private issues in view-all-bug-page should have a visual difference from other public issues.
Currently, they can't be differentiated easily, unless the view state column is explicitly showed.

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related to 0023571 new Icon for private notes and private issues are not consistent 
related to 0022539 new Highlight issue title in the details page 




2017-10-30 21:52

manager   ~0058090

In the past, we used to have a lock next to the issue summary on view issues page, we lost this over time, not sure why.

We could also highlight this better on the issue details page by incorporating this along with change suggested at 0023562.



2017-10-30 23:25

manager   ~0058091

@cproensa Looks like we have a lock on private issues in My View page, but not view issues page.

LockInMyView.png (26,391 bytes)   
LockInMyView.png (26,391 bytes)   


2017-10-31 19:08

developer   ~0058098

In the past, we used to have a lock next to the issue summary on view issues page

The lock is shown when selecting view_state as a column

I am thinking in some "always on" indication. Private bugnotes also have a "private" icon/legend, but still they have a different background.
So if there's a reason for bugnotes to be differentiated visually, it could be considered too for isues within the list.



2017-10-31 21:45

manager   ~0058099

The lock is shown when selecting view_state as a column

That is the current implementation. Historically, it was a lock after the summary text within the summary field. So it was always ON. Not sure when we changed that behavior. Not sure the best experience going forward, for example, have view state ON by default (and compact) like Edit column or add it to an always on field. Also whether it is the lock or some other visual cue (similar to the color of the note).

It is also interesting that private note are annotated by an eye + word private on the left column in addition to the background color for the 2nd column. So we have inconsistency of using lock vs. eye icons for private.



2017-11-01 04:13

developer   ~0058101

Having it as a separate column allows sorting, but I'm not sure it's a real use case.
A display similar to my view page (i.e. icons next to issue id) may be useful, but in this case for consistency maybe we should think about treaing priority, attachments, etc in the same way. Or maybe display this indication only if the corresponding column is not shown ?