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Summary0023916: Filter and export users to excel

in case you have many users you always need to monitor and export a excel report with a selected filter or without

1- filtering with access level or any column and export as excel
2- add column assigned project and assigned category
3- create new box in Mange configuration => Manager columns for user to select what is columns you need to show

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linked to 0023486

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has duplicate 0023486 closedatrol features for mange users module 
has duplicate 0029197 closedatrol Export user/s buttons missing 




2018-01-30 21:09

manager   ~0058687

Note that Manage Columns page in general is project context sensitive. It supports All Projects or a specific project. If we are to provide a way to customize columns in Manage Users page, then I would expect it would only have All Projects scope.

It would be good to provide some scenarios where such extra information and customization is useful on the list view. Also how much of this is needed in the UI vs. when exporting to CSV.



2018-02-02 07:17

reporter   ~0058716

according to the nature of work ,i have more than 250 users and 30 projects otherwise you always need to monitor if user added to the right project and role so to have an extract report will be useful because i'm doing this from SQL so to have a button extract all users with all columns its a good thing.

for the view column there is no need if i have to option to know :
1-how many users in this projects
2-how many projects linked to this users



2018-11-01 07:32

reporter   ~0060891

Last edited: 2019-02-27 14:41

can we have at least one feature which will cover the important need to have a button to extract all users in csv or excel rather than executing SQL query



2023-02-23 12:01

reporter   ~0067420

For us it's the same: We have approx 450 users and approx 350 projects.

We do need to send an email to all 450 users. So the easiest way would be to export the user data (Name, username, email), maybe even the login data (account created, last login).

Is there a workaround already?