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0025165mantisbtreportspublic2019-03-16 20:20
Reportercproensa Assigned Todregad  
PrioritynormalSeverityminorReproducibilityhave not tried
Status closedResolutionfixed 
Product Version2.20.0 
Target Version2.20.0Fixed in Version2.20.0 
Summary0025165: Summary doesn't honour issue access

In the summary pages, all issues are accounted, regardless of user visibility over them.
Even though some information is hidden, for example private bugs, this only applies to those reports where inidividual issue ids/descriptions are displayed.
The aggregated numbers may include private issues for which the user has no access.
Additionally, other access options like 'limit_reporters', are not accounted.

This also applies to MantisGraph plugin reports.

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Related Changesets

MantisBT: master 48572095

2019-01-02 15:12


Committer: dregad

Details Diff
Implement core summary with filter

Extend standard summary page to filter by a provided filter array.
Existing queries has not been modified logically, only the additional
restriction, to get issues matching with the filter, has been added.

Summary page now supports a receiving a temporary filter key as
request parameter. If no key is povided, a generic filter will be used
which shows all accesible issues by the user, to match the previous
summary behaviour.

Fixes: 0009757, 0021931, 0025165
Affected Issues
0009757, 0021931, 0025165
mod - core/summary_api.php Diff File
mod - summary_page.php Diff File
mod - view_all_inc.php Diff File

MantisBT: master 943030b4

2019-02-14 06:16


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Filter summary improvements

Merge PR

Fixes 0009757, 0021931, 0022099, 0025163, 0025165, 0025168
Affected Issues
0009757, 0021931, 0022099, 0025163, 0025165, 0025168
mod - core/classes/DbQuery.class.php Diff File
mod - core/filter_api.php Diff File
mod - core/html_api.php Diff File
mod - core/summary_api.php Diff File
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mod - manage_config_work_threshold_page.php Diff File
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mod - plugins/MantisGraph/core/graph_api.php Diff File
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mod - plugins/MantisGraph/pages/developer_graph.php Diff File
mod - plugins/MantisGraph/pages/issues_trend_bycategory_table.php Diff File
mod - plugins/MantisGraph/pages/issues_trend_bystatus_table.php Diff File
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