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0025407mantisbtapi restpublic2019-02-05 01:14
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PlatformiMac 5k, 2017OSmacOS 
Product Version2.18.0 
Summary0025407: Resetting field "fixed_in_version" to empty is not possible

After having set a "fixed_in_version" value for an issue upon resolving it, when I'd like to re-open that issue, I'd also like to reset "fixed_in_version" to an empty value, because obviously, it wasn't fixed if I had to reopen the issue.
However, it doesn't seem to be possible right now.

I tried passing an empty dictionary
"fixed_in_version" : {}

a null object:
"fixed_in_version" : "<null">

a null-value dictionary:
"fixed_in_version" : {"id":"<null>"}
"fixed_in_version" : {"name":"<null>"}

or leaving the dictionary's values empty:
"fixed_in_version" : {"id":""}
"fixed_in_version" : {"name":""}

nothing worked.

For other fields (like handler, or status) using an empty dictionary:
"handler" : {}
resets the value to empty, or an in Mantis pre-defined value.

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MantisBT 2.18.0

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2019-02-05 01:14

reporter   ~0061406

or am I just missing something?

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