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Summary0025637: Inconsistency: user_get_all_accessible_(sub)projects forces exclusion of disabled projects

Currently threre are four related functions:

  1. user_get_all_accessible_projects( $p_user_id = null, $p_project_id = ALL_PROJECTS )
  2. user_get_all_accessible_subprojects( $p_user_id, $p_project_id )
  3. user_get_accessible_projects( $p_user_id, $p_show_disabled = false )
  4. user_get_accessible_subprojects( $p_user_id, $p_project_id, $p_show_disabled = false )

[3], [4] have a param to enable the inclusion of disabled projects, [1], [2] which eventually
call [3], [4] don't. That are odd 'all' s at least.

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related to 0025641 new Refactor project hierarchy 




2019-03-23 04:52

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2019-03-23 06:54

developer   ~0061745

I agree theres a lot to clean up. But one of the main problems around those functions, and the usage of them is:

  • Is the request for the projects accesible to the user, like, those projects that can be listed.
  • Or is the request to get the actual project structure behind the hierarchy.

i think that [1],[2] are intended and user purely for user accesible projects, wich seems like disbaled projects should not be included.
And [3] [4] are (prossibly wrongly) used to inspect the hierarchy.

In my PR
I have tried to start a separation between both scenarios. For some usages, the pure hierarchy should be used, regardless of user permissions, and other things needs to account for user visibility.
In fact, i have removed all usages in the codebase for [3] and [4], except for the soap/rest api, so that can be a sign that those api needs also some refactoring

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