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0025716mantisbtcustomizationpublic2019-05-06 16:16
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Product Version2.21.0 
Summary0025716: Feature request: Option to customize My View page


Developers and reporters pay attention to the issues they are interested in, but mostly these may be a very different set.

  • Developers like to see the new issues and the ones that are assigned to him/her.
  • Reporters like to see the issues that they reported or that they are monitoring.
    Also the content of some boxes (for example timeline) may not be interesting for some users.

So I have a request to create an option in "My Account" settings for all users to change the order of boxes or completly hide them (unassigned, resolved, reported_by_me, recently_modified, monitored_by_me, timeline etc.) on the "My View" page.

This can be solved for each user like the customization of order of fileds.


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duplicate of 0007840 acknowledged Customizable 'my view' page 




2019-04-25 06:29

reporter   ~0061990

I talked with another user (developer) of the same mantis installation and he said that he has different layout:

Assigned | Reported by me
Unassigned | Resolved
Recently Modified | Monitored by Me

while mine (reporter) is:

Unassigned | Resolved
Recently Modified | Monitored by Me
Reported by Me

Maybe the admin set this, but an option for reordering by the user would be welcome...



2019-04-25 06:33

reporter   ~0061991

There is configuration option my_view_boxes (see: and you can set it per user, but unfortunately there is no option to set by User type. I would love that option myself.



2019-04-25 06:36

developer   ~0061992

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The original request to have the setting in user preferences is covered by duplicate 0007840.

@megamanus there is also an automatism. That's the reason why a reporter does not get the "Assigned to me" box, but developers get it.



2019-04-25 06:47

reporter   ~0061993

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I know that reporters can't have "assigned" issues, it was just an example to show that the orders are different (regardless of this), that means it is stored for groups/users... and so be different...
As the age of the original request and its many duplicates indicate the issue is important for a lot of uses.

Thanks for the link of original request!



2019-04-25 10:20

developer   ~0061994

@megamanus not sure if you understood what @Maurycy told at 0025716:0061991
If this is important for you and if you need it now, it can be done (but not by using a nice end user UI) by setting option my_view_boxes in database

@Maurycy maybe intersting for you 0006480:0033235

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