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0026476mantisbtuipublic2020-09-06 11:23
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Product Version2.23.0 
Summary0026476: Search filters do not populate Platform/OS/OSversion so unable to search on those fields.

Go into [view issues] and try to create a search filter on either OS or Platform or OS Version fields. These should auto-populate from any tickets that have ever had entries added in them so you can filter your view based on any combination of those fields. They are never populated. We do not have global profiles entered, and instead enter values diurectly on the tickets at entry point, or afterwards when editing them. If these fields are stored in a table in mysql then it should be easy to enumerate the values and apply them to the dropdowns for the filters.

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See forum post here:

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2020-09-06 11:23

developer   ~0064375

Behavior is reproducible in 2.24.2

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