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0004460mantisbtbugtrackerpublic2006-09-12 00:52
Reportervboctor Assigned Tovboctor  
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Product Version0.19.0rc1 
Fixed in Version1.1.0a1 
Summary0004460: Show last visited N issues

It would be useful to have a feature where we always keep track of the last visited N issues for the current user. This does not have to persist between logins.

This information should be displayed at the bottom of the screen (maybe?). The hyperlinked issue ids are to be displayed as follows:

0004453, 0004452, 0004433, 0004456, 0004457

This is useful when settup up relationships, or when you want to go back to an issue you just visted.

Thoughts are welcome about the feature in general, where/how to display the issue ids, ...

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has duplicate 0005521 closedvboctor Easy way of creating relationships 
related to 0007895 closedgiallu Recently Visited when logged in as Anonymous shows issues i have not visited 
child of 0004181 closed Features in Mantis 1.1 release 




2004-09-01 17:46

reporter   ~0007381

I think we should work on placement/layout a bit, but nice feature!



2004-09-01 19:57

developer   ~0007385

I think about it not as "short history", but in form of "User's bookmark", saved between session of cource, where links to different needed (for any reason) issues can be stored. It can be additional section in all pages(view_all and view) and contain link and user-defined description



2005-07-29 02:20

reporter   ~0011009

I found myself wanting something like this the last few times I entered a relationship and wasn't sure I remembered the exact issue number.

It also occurs to me that as a section on the "My View" screen, some people might want to configure this fairly high so they can see quickly what they were working on the last time they logged in (that would require persistence of course).



2006-08-12 04:06

manager   ~0013252

Implemented in CVS and will be part of Mantis 1.1. The recently visited issues will be shown on the top right corner under the menu in selected pages. There is a configuration option to turn it off and another to control the number of entries to be kept in the list.

The list is persisted between sessions.

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