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Summary0004469: "Reply To Feedback" Button

This could be a usefull feature.


  1. A reporter adds an issue.
  2. One of our testers assigned to this bug for reproducing.
  3. The tester could not reproduce the bug and set the status for feedback from the reporter.
  4. The reporter adds a bugnote or change the description, this could be done by a "Reply To Feedback" button. After that changes the status and assigned to are set back to the settings before the status changed to feedback.

It should also be possible to assign every user to an issue - so the user knows that he have to act with the issue now.

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2004-09-02 15:03

reporter   ~0007409

The question is whether we need another status, or whether we can use an existing status like 'new'. Any thoughts?



2004-09-03 04:07

reporter   ~0007421

I think "feedback" is not a normal status in the status workflow because it "jumps out" the normal workflow. "Feedback" should be reachable from every other status.

So, after the reply it should be jump back to the old status before the "feedback".
Another status is not needed, but the "Change Status To" popup should be replaced by a "Reply Feedback" button if the current status is "feedback".



2004-09-03 06:23

reporter   ~0007422

Humm, that's not a bad idea. We just have to be able to figure out the last status, possibly from the history.



2005-04-05 10:47

reporter   ~0009711

I would appreciate a simple solution (a predefined exit status, new or assigned) to, in contrast to no solution.
Popping back to the previous status would be even better, but I fear that it will never come. :-)



2005-05-17 15:22

reporter   ~0010160

Last edited: 2005-05-17 15:26

I found a patch somewhere. Perhaps someone is interested. If someone is assigned to the bug, than giving feedback pop´s back to ASSIGNED, if not to NEW.

Before bug_update_date in bugnote_add in core/bugnote_api.php


  # if it was FEEDBACK its NEW_ now
  # new config option: g_bug_feedback_status = FEEDBACK;
  # if g_feedback_status is not set, the popping back is disabled.
  # (default behaviour).
    if ( bug_get_field($p_bug_id, 'status')== config_get( 'bug_feedback_status' ) )
        if ( bug_get_field( $p_bug_id, 'handler_id') == 0 )
            bug_set_field( $p_bug_id, 'status', config_get( 'bug_submit_status' ) );
            bug_set_field( $p_bug_id, 'status', config_get( 'bug_assigned_status' ) );


Sorry for the layout, but preformatted text is still misbehaving (word wrapping), dispite of 0004762 being closed, sigh...



2008-11-13 15:02

reporter   ~0019877

+1 (I was going to enter this feature request myself, then found this)

I think there should be "Provide Feedback" button in Feedback state, treated same way as "Reopen Issue" button -- with config variables for who it's available to and what state the issue should transition to (possibly with a special value of "previous").



2009-01-23 04:52

reporter   ~0020692

Any chance of adding this simple but very effective option into the 1.2.0 version ?



2009-01-23 05:14

reporter   ~0020693

I have improved my patch from 3.5 years ago... :-)
The new workflow:
Step 1: Request feedback and set "assigned to" to the one you request the feedback from (This requires that all reporters can be handlers, but has the great advantage that all reporters can see easily if they are in charge of an action)
Step 2: If the bug is assigned to me and is on "feedback" and I submit a note, than the history is used to find the previous handler and status and "assigned to" pop back to the last state.

The different workflow requires some other patches, but I find this very useful. If there is interest in the patch, I can try to extract one.



2009-06-17 10:55

reporter   ~0022183

Last edited: 2009-06-17 10:57

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The changes for the behaviour descripted in the last bugnote:

in bugnote_api.php:

if ( ( bug_get_field($p_bug_id, 'status') == FEEDBACK ) &&
( bug_get_field($p_bug_id, 'handler_id' ) == $c_user_id ) ) {
history_status_pop_back( $p_bug_id );

somewhere, e.g. in history_api.php:
function history_status_pop_back( $p_bug_id )
$t_mantis_bug_history_table = config_get( 'mantis_bug_history_table' );
$c_bug_id = db_prepare_int( $p_bug_id );

# grab history and display by date_modified then field_name
$query = &quot;SELECT *
    FROM $t_mantis_bug_history_table
    WHERE bug_id='$c_bug_id' and field_name='status'
    ORDER BY date_modified DESC,id DESC
    LIMIT 1&quot;;
$result = db_query( $query );
$count = db_num_rows( $result );   
if ( $count == 1 ) {
    $row = db_fetch_array( $result );
    bug_set_field( $p_bug_id, 'status', $row['old_value'] );
    bug_set_field( $p_bug_id, 'handler_id', $row['user_id'] );




2009-07-21 07:32

reporter   ~0022542

I wrote a patch that implement the following workflow:

  • A issue with status feedback may be assigned to any reporter.
  • When requesting feedback, the "assigned to" defaults to the reporter.
  • Then a bugnote is entered, status and feedback pop back.

I have it against 1.1.8, but could port it to 1.2.X if there is interest.

Changing the "assigned to" is a tradeoff:

  • It is definitely clear, who's duty is the next action (for me this is very important): Always look at "assigned to". Otherwise it would be implicit: If status is feedback, it may be the reporter who is in charge, it may be that he already answered.
  • The "responsible developer" is only implicit.

See also 0008140, reply to note, which works very good together with this.



2009-10-14 01:20

manager   ~0023172

I've just checked in 0003730 which does the following:

  1. If the reporter adds a note and the status is FEEDBACK, then revert back NEW if unassigned.
  2. If the reporter adds a note and the status is FEEDBACK, then revert back to ASSIGNED if the issue is assigned.

The fix doesn't however pop the status from the history.



2009-10-14 03:29

reporter   ~0023175

History popping is easy, see 0004469:0022183.
(This patch assumes that the handler not the reporter is requested to give feedback. Best would be a configurable option.)



2014-10-10 05:41

developer   ~0041522

Work-in-progress fix for this can be found at

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