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0005034mantisbtfeaturepublic2011-01-07 18:24
ReporterLynk Assigned Tovboctor  
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Product Version0.19.2 
Summary0005034: On move project you can't specify the category you'd like to move to

When we move issues from one project to another it'd be very handy if on the same screen you could select the destination category as at the moment it just goes to the default (first) category(we don't have any cross project categories atm)

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duplicate of 0010325 confirmed Move should have the option of changing categories 
related to 0004671 closedvboctor Problems with categories after issue move 
related to 0009641 closedvboctor Categories dont get reassigned when moving issues 
has duplicate 0005084 closedthraxisp Need the ability to move bugs directly to new category 
related to 0012667 closedvboctor Moving issues between projects doesn't update the category 




2005-06-12 02:15

reporter   ~0010485

This is related to 0004671.

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