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0005381mantisbtadministrationpublic2017-01-18 10:11
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Summary0005381: more flexible group/role/profile/permission management

As we recently discussed in #mantishelp and as stated in several other bug notes, Mantis could use a more flexible approach to manage permissions than the current level-based management system.
This issue serves two main purposes:

  • group related issues through relations
  • provide room for more abstract discussions
Additional Information

The draft of the conept document has grown too large to be uploaded here, so I've uploaded it to my personal webspace at

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2005-07-19 13:37

reporter   ~0010872

Perhaps could be interesting - why reinvent the wheel all over again?



2005-07-19 15:59

reporter   ~0010878

I've taken the time to walk through the code and create a call graph that shows who is using which access control function. The files are too big to be uploaded here, but can be downloaded from This file includes three versions of the graph:

  • AccessChartAccess.png only contains the functions that handle permissions directly
  • AccessChartAll.png adds the functions that use the functions above from the files in the core/ directory.
  • AccessChartCore.png is for the people with big printers and includes every direct call to one of the functions from the first graph, including the pages inside the root directory.


2005-07-19 16:32

reporter   ~0010881

From what I've found out about the access control functions, I'd suggest a two-step approach:

  1. add a layer of "semantic wrapper functions" like access_can_close_bug and replace calls to "low-level generic functions" like access_has_bug_level
  2. rethink the design behind these wrappers

Advantages: No need to change the rest of the code once the first step is completed; clearer view on what kinds of permissions we have to manage (project related actions, bug related actions, ...)

Any suggestions?