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Summary0005790: different filters, different projects in one session

If I get it right, each browser session in mantis may have only one filter and one current project. Of course, you may change the filter/project and still have the old windows/tabs open, but as some page do outreload (my view/view issues) this can lead to confusing situations when a reloaded page displays something completely different than before. This is particularly difficult when working simulateosly with different projects.

I even noticed that some people log into mantis with different browser (one opera, one firefox, one IE) to work with three different projects simultaneosly.
Additionaly problem with the current behaviour: If the "current project" mismatches the project of the currently displayed bug, developers argued that it´s not feasible to change the current project because of the filter consequences. 0005432

I noticed that many users find the global storage of "the one filter" and "the one project" quite irritating in the beginning (a typical problem is that they wonder about their search results because the filters are remembered even from the last session), after a while it´s only a little annoying, and leaves us with things that cannot be handled properly.

Perhaps I´m missing something, but from the user perspective I don´t see any good reason for it. (Remembering the last visited project could be remembered with other means and in my opinion remembering is more confusing then helpful as you always the possibility to save a filter)

Couldn´t the current project id and/or the current filter passed from one page to the next via two GET/POST variables?
This makes look link adresses a little ugly, and it´s quite an effort to go through all "grep href=" and "grep action=" in the source code, but I think for the usability it would be an advantage.

What do you think?

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2005-06-15 07:52

reporter   ~0010532

Sorry for my typos:

outreload -> autoreload

and in my opinion remembering [[[filters]]] is more confusing then helpful as you always the possibility to save a filter.


As there was this problem with the long filter lines one would of course not pass the filter but the id of the filters_table.



2013-11-08 08:20

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is there a way around this issue in the meantime? We want to have different filters in the browsertabs

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