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0007224mantisbtbugtrackerpublic2011-01-07 18:24
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Summary0007224: "Update issue" and "move" is not good in some casses


Update issue is not good in some casses:

I have 2 projects.., the steps are:

  1. Reporter wich belong to project1 but doesn't belong at all to project2
  2. Copy bug from project 1 to project 2 (here ..the name of reporter is good, even does't belong to project2)
  3. Make the relationship betwen bugs
  4. Update issue in project 2 ....because I want to change the assigned...(here I could have modify simple without making the update issue)
  5. I have changed only the assigned field ..update
  6. The reporter has changed (I didn't expected) ,....and also the assigned name (good)..

So I will avoid " update issue" for a while (rare cases)

  • And also when I move a issue from a project to another...and the category from first project doesn't exist in second project ...still remaines...(wich is wrong) - here can be made a extra field with category...

Thank you

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duplicate of 0006763 closedvboctor when try to "move" an issue, only "project" can be changed, however, there is no way to update "category" 
duplicate of 0010325 confirmed Move should have the option of changing categories 
related to 0003116 acknowledged If a user reports a bug, and gets purged for inactivity, updating the bug changes the username 




2006-06-22 14:23

reporter   ~0013018

Your second issue is covered by 0006763.



2006-06-22 14:27

reporter   ~0013019

The first issue is at least related to 0003116.

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