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Summary0007285: Filters and custom fields: Filter by regex or substring

We are using a custom field to hold external bug numbers e.g. from a client's own bug database. Typically they send us bug reports so we end up storing the external reference as Report#/Bug#. Unfortunately the custom field filters in Mantis only display the custom field values as drop-down, which does not let us filter on a specific Report#. It would be nice to have the custom field filter accept free text to act as substring or regex for the filtering.

Of course a workaround is to use 2 custom fields, one for Report# and the other for Bug# but that's not very intuitive and there might be other cases where this workaround won't apply.

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2012-12-04 08:05

reporter   ~0034460

I would like to subscribe to this request.
We are using Mantis 1.2.11 and it seems that we are only able to filter by dropdown list. We store references to customers in the custom field, and if there are multiple customers for one bug, we have them seperated by ",". Ex:
Customer1, Customer2, Customer3.
Another may be
Customer2, Customer1

So we would really like to filter for "Customer2



2012-12-04 08:17

developer   ~0034462

@mks if you have a finite, and reasonable number of entries in your customer list, you may want to consider using a multi-select custom field



2012-12-04 08:45

reporter   ~0034467

@dregad, thank you for the quick response. We have currently 82 values. To us, this seems difficult to manage with the lists.



2012-12-04 10:28

developer   ~0034470

Indeed ;-)

In that case, unfortunately and unless you can come up with a patch to speed up the process, I don't see this feature making it into core any time soon.

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