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0007403mantisbtbugtrackerpublic2006-08-29 22:46
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Product Version1.0.5 
Summary0007403: Copy Issues: Enhancements to the destination bug status

Some “enhancements” for the Copy feature. It does the following:

1\ The issues is set as NEW in the destination project
2\ The resolution is set to OPEN in the destination project
3\ A new relationship - “duplicate of” the original bug is added in the destination project
4\ In the Summary of the bug in the destination project, a new data {BugCopy: #nnnn} can be seen, where nnnn is the original bug id.

When one wants to search all the bugs that are copied from other projects, just type “BugCopy” in the textbox next to the SEARCH button. One can get all the bugs that are copied from a different project to this destination project.

I am attaching the modified file: core/bug_api.php

This bug is related to 0007224, 0004791, 0005113

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function bug_copy() modified:

bug_set_field( $t_new_bugid, 'status', NEW, false );
bug_set_field( $t_new_bug_id, 'resolution', OPEN, false );

For a better bug summary & search by BugCopy

$wrt_temp = "{BugCopy: #$t_bug_id} $t_bug_data->summary";
bug_set_field( $t_new_bug_id, 'summary', $wrt_temp, true );

if ( $p_copy_relationships ) {
if ( ON == config_get( 'enable_relationship' ) ) {
relationship_copy_all( $t_bug_id,$t_new_bug_id );
relationship_add( $t_new_bug_id, $t_bug_id, 'BUG_DUPLICATE' );

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