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Summary0008983: Set default product version

it would be great for users, reporting issues, to set default Product version for example in My Account -> preferences (or somwhere else?). This would let not to enter that value manually every time the issue is being reported.

Also it would be great to do the same thing with "Target version".

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2008-03-27 04:28

manager   ~0017471

Since a Mantis installation can include multiple projects and the user may be using a different version per project, it doesn't make sense to have this in the preferences. However, what we can do is to remember the last reported version per project and use it as the default for future bug reports. This can be potentially implemented by storing a user token which includes the last used version for each project that the user has reported issues against. We also have to handle the last used version no longer exists in the project versions (just in case it was deleted by the project manager, although unlikely).



2008-03-27 06:28

reporter   ~0017473

This way would be great



2019-05-07 07:08

reporter   ~0062036

We are also seeking this feature. Any way to set the default product version project-wide, ideally to always be the most recently released version?



2019-07-03 21:32

reporter   ~0062351

Late replies, but just leaving this here for reference, I just happened upon this ticket... I wrote a simple plugin to do what @samtuke mentions here... (is it ok to post external links?). sll my plugins are relatively brand new and only lightly tested so far in production so you might need to tweak the code, or just make an issue post on my github



2019-07-04 07:09

developer   ~0062353

@spmeesseman I would suggest, instead of bundling all your plugins into a single repository, to split that into multiple repsitories (one per plugin).

And then, to give them more visibility, move the repos to the mantisbt-plugins organization and reference them in the wiki




2019-07-04 07:38

reporter   ~0062354

@spmeesseman Thanks for the plugins, and pointing them out!

I agree with @dregad that his suggestions would make the plugins easier to find and use.



2019-07-22 17:47

reporter   ~0062409

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sorry, i had to make my stuff private for now because of a situation. I will make it public again soon.

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