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0009173mantisbtfeaturepublic2008-05-20 20:41
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Summary0009173: Support handlers through whole defect lifecycle (issues assigned to non-developers)

Mantis is based on the assumption that "Assigned To" is only for developers. This is reasonable since it was born out of simplicity and is excellent for developer-centric projects.

However, in an enterprise this does not satisfy early lifecycle users (triagers and requirements gatherers) and late lifecycle users (testers and managers), all of whom would like issues to be assigned to them.

I know this has been discussed before, and I really tried to search for an existing issue but none really captured the essence of the need. So I'm hoping this issue with a clear summary becomes the central feature, to which other more specific changes can be related.

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related to 0009174 new A more specific handle_bug_threshold based on status 




2008-05-20 20:23

reporter   ~0017883

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Problem 1: Lowering $g_handle_bug_threshold makes too many users available for some statuses. covered in 0009174



2008-05-20 20:39

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related to 0005553



2008-05-20 20:41

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Problem 2: The assigned handler of an issue always needs an "exit route" to get rid of an issue. see 0009175

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