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0009788mantisbtfeaturepublic2010-04-23 23:23
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Product Version1.1.4 
Summary0009788: captcha on login screen

I would like my mantisbt could be accesible from internet, but I think it could be insecure.

Could you add CAPTCHA in login screen to avoid brute-force attacks ?
(if the user fails the password once or twice)

I hope you can help me.


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related to 0009789 acknowledged password policies and lockout for failed login attempts 




2008-11-07 17:58

manager   ~0019808

I'm OK with showing it only after a couple of failing attempts.



2010-01-27 07:09

reporter   ~0024260

you can use the config variable $g_max_failed_login_count to set an upper limit to protect against brute-force login attempts

there is a "Lost your password" option for users who fail once or twice

so I'm closing this as "won't fix", but if the feature is really desired, reopen it

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