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Summary0009789: password policies and lockout for failed login attempts

I would like my mantisbt could be accesible from internet, but I think it could be insecure.

Could you add password policies and lockouts to failed attempts to login ?

I hope you can help me.


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2008-11-07 17:55

manager   ~0019807

I agree that this would be a nice addition. I was thinking of the same thing lately. Would be nice to capture some brainstorming of what should be done:

  1. On 3 (configurable) failed logins, lock the account for 5 minutes. Potentially for this single IP?
  2. SOAP API should be secured in the same way / make sure there is a way to disable SOAP API all together.
  3. Email account owner on failed login attempts / account locking while providing the IP address of the failed attempt.
  4. Log failed login attempts (these events are consumed by the Event Log plugin).


2014-10-05 13:06

reporter   ~0041383

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Hi there,

It´s is also related to thread

This is what the config_defaults_inc.php says about $g_max_failed_login_count


  • Max. attempts to login using a wrong password before lock the account.

  • When locked, it's required to reset the password (lost password)

  • Value resets to zero at each successfully login

  • Set to OFF to disable this control

  • @global int $g_max_failed_login_count


I didn´t really explore the code, but I can say that the statement "Value resets to zero at each successfully login
" makes this feature useless or let´s say: makes it 'not working' ...

When attemping to login with wrong username/password, browser message is: "Your account may be disabled or blocked or the username/password you entered is incorrect."

But thats not true - account isn´t disabled or blocked. After $g_max_failed_login_count an attacker can keep on trying to brute force.

It should show eg.: "Your account is disabled or blocked. Even if you provide the correct username and password this time, login isn´t possible. Please click 'Lost your password?' to make use of password reset functionality.". ... And of course the "Value resets to zero" thing should be removed rersp. rewritten.

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