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0010493mantisbtcode cleanuppublic2018-03-04 00:36
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Target Version2.12.0Fixed in Version2.12.0 
Summary0010493: Non-existent duplicate_realname column is updated by various functions in user_api.php

It seems that all references within user_api.php to a column "duplicate_realname" in mantis_user_table are invalid. This column does not appear to exist in the Mantis database schema (has it ever existed?).

user_set_field will fail when it tries to update the non-existent column in mantis_user_table with the following error:


Database query failed. Error received from database was #1054: Unknown column 'duplicate_realname' in 'field list' for the query: UPDATE mantis_user_table
SET duplicate_realname=?
WHERE id=?.

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related to 0004226 closedvboctor Provide a way to disambiguate duplicate realnames 




2009-05-18 02:54

reporter   ~0021826

To reproduce, simply attempt to set the real name for two different accounts to the same string. Bingo, you have an error!



2009-05-18 02:58

reporter   ~0021827

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one mark.. Create one user with RealName: Test Name, second with Test Real.
$g_differentiate_duplicates = ON;



2009-05-18 03:49

reporter   ~0021829

See admin/ugprades/



2009-05-18 04:16

reporter   ~0021830

Actually you're right, I accidentally had this setting to ON (which the default config strongly warns against). My bad doh

I'm still confused why a function named "user_is_realname_unique" would go about updating the database. The function name implies it is performing a read-only operation.

The documentation of $g_differentiate_duplicates is lacking... to be polite. It looks like this feature needs some major work to bring it up to the standards of the rest of Mantis... or it needs to be dropped completely (it doesn't sound like anyone can use it anyway at the moment).



2009-05-19 21:14

reporter   ~0021845

Part of the implementation was lost early in 1.0.0. I plan on adding it back in an incremental fashion.



2018-01-30 02:18

manager   ~0058669

Code removed in PR

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