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0004226mantisbtuipublic2018-03-06 00:26
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Target Version2.12.0Fixed in Version2.12.0 
Summary0004226: Provide a way to disambiguate duplicate realnames

Two realnames can be the same. There is no easy way to differentiate them.

Additional Information

The patch checked in for 0003975 has additional code to check for duplicates and set a flag in the user's database entry to allow them to be displayed differently. It is controlled by the config variable "differentiate_duplicates".

We need to consider how this works with LDAP before a final commit.

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duplicate of 0023909 closedvboctor User realname uniqueness check doesn't work 
related to 0010493 closedvboctor Non-existent duplicate_realname column is updated by various functions in user_api.php 
related to 0024069 closedvboctor Show realname not working 




2007-07-21 09:46

reporter   ~0015127


Can this be resolved?




2007-07-22 10:29

reporter   ~0015153

It's still open. The code is in place, but not active. We need to create a database upgrade to populate the database properly.



2007-09-11 09:38

manager   ~0015609

Is this still an issue? I've recently fixed 0008343 which may be related to this issue.



2007-09-11 23:26

reporter   ~0015617

It's still open. The feature is to allow us to differentiate users with the same real name, but different user names. They are displayed as "John Doe(jdoe)" and "John Doe(sneezy)".

The installer needs code to find all duplicate usernames and set a flag in the database. Should I add this for 1.1?



2007-09-11 23:43

manager   ~0015618

Why set a flag? Why don't we change the duplicate names to have the user name and update the code to stop any future duplicate names. This will avoid extra overhead in constructing list of user names. And in the future will keep user names shorter.

I think we should aim to have the union of user names and user real names have no duplicates.

If we go with this fix, then we can include it in 1.1.0rc1.



2007-09-12 07:03

reporter   ~0015620

We can't do this. This would imply that the second "John Doe" to sign up can't use their real name. I agree that usernames should be unique, but real names don't have to be. The real name can also match the user name for an individual.

Adding the flag eliminates any overhead as the flag is in the same query as the username/real name.



2008-07-28 16:14

reporter   ~0018862

Glenn? :)




2009-05-19 21:27

reporter   ~0021846

All that is required to complete this is to add the database update:

$upgrade[] = Array( 'AddColumnSQL', Array( db_get_table( 'mantis_user_table' ), "
duplicate_realname I UNSIGNED NOTNULL DEFAULT '0' " ) );

I would do this except someone commented out the rest of the related code.



2018-01-30 02:19

manager   ~0058670

The uniqueness is enforced via:



2018-02-04 03:36

manager   ~0058734

The following PR was revised to allow duplicate real names or real names that are duplicate with a username:

To disambiguate duplicates, usernames are now displayed as:

  • usernames with a bubble for realname.
  • realname (username)

The code was refactored to always use central APIs for printing and sorting of user names. The sorting respects the configuration option to sort by last name when enabled.

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