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0001353mantisbtemailpublic2002-01-09 10:26
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Summary0001353: Mantis sends HTML in text-only emails

Email arrives with HTML tags, but email is not recognized as HTML document. Tags appear inline in the document, making an illegible email.

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Mantis needs to either strip HTML tags from outgoing email or create email of an HTML type so that tags display as HTML in user's clients.

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related to 0001400 assignedvboctor Feature to send HTML-formatted e-mail instead of text e-mail 
related to 0001401 new Request option to strip HTML from text-only e-mail 




2002-01-08 12:09

reporter   ~0001761

If you implement HTML email I think it would be best if it was an option (HTML or Plain Text).

I haven't found the HTML tags to be annoying.
You could simply request that users don't input them bypassing the problem.



2002-01-09 04:55

reporter   ~0001765

@epu: and what is when you use mantis for debuging webprojects, and the reporter posts html code to fix a problem ? :) Thats the reason, where the strip_tags function is not used in the email functions, instead mantis use some str_replace() commands.



2002-01-09 10:18

reporter   ~0001774

Ah, I figured that was what attachments were for (posting code). Our business does not do any development besides Mantis in PHP or HTML so I hadn't thought of that.

Suggest adding following features as separate feature requests and closing this bug;

  • option to send HTML-formatted e-mail instead of text e-mail.
  • option to display HTML inline with syntax colors in HTML-formatted email.
  • option to strip HTML from text-only e-mail

edited on: 01-09 10:35

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