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0001400mantisbtemailpublic2020-06-12 19:57
Reporterepu Assigned Tovboctor  
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Summary0001400: Feature to send HTML-formatted e-mail instead of text e-mail

Mantis currently sends text e-mail, but no content type is sent in the e-mail header. Admins can allow users to post using HTML tags, but e-mail is always sent as unformatted text with HTML displayed in-line.

To give users flexibility of viewing a bug's HTML in their e-mail body, Mantis needs to allow admins to send HTML-formatted e-mail of header type "Content: Text/HTML".

Additional Information

Messages sent as Text/HTML need to display HTML tags, and have the ability to not parse code examples with a < pre > < /pre > style parse exclusion tag.
related to bug 0001353.

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2002-03-21 01:49

reporter   ~0002152

Last edited: 2017-05-30 02:50

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BEWARE with text only mail option :
Some localized texts (french for example) contain accentuated chars expressed as HTML elements like the following :

Projet:                     EFICHES
Bug ID:                     0000001
Catégorie:           Module ANNU
Reproductibilité:    toujours
Sévérité: cosmétique
Priorité:            normale
Etat:                       affecté
Date de soumission:         20-03-02 23:34 CET
Dernière modification: 21-03-02 09:32 CET

this render the email unreadable.

So this kind of HTML elements SHOULD be striped from localized strings in TEXT ONLY emails.




2004-10-05 08:29

manager   ~0007909

Whether the email is text or html should be a user preference. The default for new users should be specified in configs.



2005-08-04 12:06

reporter   ~0011071

there's no need to have html entities in the email if the encoding is specified properly.



2016-12-20 05:04

reporter   ~0054803

Is there any roadmap for this fontionnality ?



2017-05-30 02:39

reporter   ~0056985

@vboctor Is there a config item to change the email content type? I checked config_defaults, but couldn't find one.



2017-05-30 02:53

developer   ~0056988

Is there a config item to change the email content type?

There is no such option.



2017-08-24 03:44

reporter   ~0057545

Hi, the ticket is over 15 years old. Are there any news to this feature request?



2018-01-26 08:16

reporter   ~0058616

+1 We still need this feature to format subject and email template.



2018-01-29 12:14

reporter   ~0058662

this patch worked for me.
I think this feature is more than a nice to have as it breaks the "forgot your password" link in the email;t=3786



2018-01-29 13:12

developer   ~0058664

as it breaks the "forgot your password" link in the email

Can't reproduce, works for me



2018-10-30 07:00

reporter   ~0060875

If the patch referred to by @ibayle2 works and causes no breakages, can it find it's way into a PR and release? Is something blocking this?

HTML welcome emails on new registrations would be very much more welcoming.



2018-10-30 07:01

reporter   ~0060876

Now I see the forum topic was deleted. Anyone still have a copy of the patched files?



2018-10-30 07:21

developer   ~0060877

Now I see the forum topic was deleted

It's not deleted, but there is a known issue with rendering of parametrized links if Markdown is enabled
Use this link

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