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0001401mantisbtemailpublic2024-06-05 10:57
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Summary0001401: Request option to strip HTML from text-only e-mail

Admins can allow users to post using HTML tags, but e-mail is always sent as unformatted text with HTML displayed in-line. This in-line code can make e-mail illegible.

To make text-only e-mail legible, give users the ability to enable/disable stripping of HTML from their e-mail body when e-mail is sent as type "Content: Text" or no content type is given.

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Related to bug 0001353.

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related to 0001353 closedupdater Mantis sends HTML in text-only emails 
related to 0001400 assignedvboctor Feature to send HTML-formatted e-mail instead of text e-mail 
has duplicate 0009416 closedatrol Plaintext e-mails should have HTML tags stripped 




2013-01-02 13:19

developer   ~0034673

Reopend as I resolved the wrong (older) one.



2018-01-29 12:19

reporter   ~0058663

Has something changed recently, HTML emails used to work.
I think this is more than a nice to have as it breaks the "forgot your password" link in the email

this patch worked for me.



2018-01-29 13:16

developer   ~0058665

this patch worked for me.

This patch enables HTML email.

The current issue is a different thing, it's

option to strip HTML from text-only e-mail



2018-01-31 06:04

reporter   ~0058694

Last edited: 2018-01-31 06:59

Here below the email content.

  • HTML is in plain text
  • the URL contains "&" instead of "&" which breaks the link

I got the problem when I upgraded from mantis 2.2.1 to 2.6.0 (using same config files, same plugins)
but most surprisingly, when I rolled back to v2.2.1 the problem was still there !
So I searched for any configuration concerning email in the mantis_config_table but could not find anything that could have changed.

To make it work again, I had to hard-code "$t_mail->IsHTML( true );" in core/email_api.php

So I'm realy puzzeled, because how could it work before if HTML is disabled in the code ?
It can only be some configuration issue (as rollback did not work) but where ?

Someone (presumably you) requested a password change through e-mail verification. If this was not you, ignore this message and nothing will happen.<br /> <br /> If you requested this verification, visit the following URL to change your
password: <br />
<br />
<a target="_blank"
<br />
<br />
Username: lbayle <br />
Remote IP address: <br />
<br />
Do not reply to this message


2018-01-31 06:07

reporter   ~0058695

In my previous message, Mantis seems to have processed the "plain-text HTML" as real HTML, so the sample text is useless.
Nevertheless, you probably understand what I meant



2018-01-31 06:59

developer   ~0058696

In my previous message, Mantis seems to have processed the "plain-text HTML" as real HTML, so the sample text is useless.

I quoted the text so the HTML tags are not rendered.



2024-06-05 10:57

reporter   ~0068953

Simplier than an option, shouldn't HTML tags in summary and description get stripped in text email format?