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0021895mantisbtfilterspublic2019-01-03 07:25
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Summary0021895: Support saved filters in My View page

It should be possible for users to add filter boxes to their my view page. A user should be able to select a subset of the filters available to them (shared from others or created by them) to have on their My View page.



related to 0007840 acknowledged Customizable 'my view' page 
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2016-11-10 03:53

developer   ~0054495

Actually this is on my to-do list too, as a follow up to the PR for cleaning filter api, and with the convenient new functionality to manage and edit stored filters



2016-11-10 04:08

developer   ~0054497

Worth to have a look at 0007840

Didn't have a deeper look if it's worth to use code from the attached patches or the referenced GitHub branches.



2016-11-10 08:05

developer   ~0054499

For the record:

In this functionality we must define a strategy:
If we make my-view filters as selectable from the stored filters, then the pre-defined filters should exists as sotred filters

  • as oposed currently that they are created ad-hoc in my-view-page
  • this would make them available to view_page filter quick-selection (good)
  • how to populate them at installation/upgrade?
  • an admin could modify/rename/delete those predefined filters

This could be improved with a new flag for stored filters: "protected", so those protected filters can't be modified.

The alternative is, to have the page that would allow the selection of my-view filter, to join the available stored filters, with an ad-hoc selection of predefined filters (ad-hoc, but named)
This has the inconvenience of not homogeinity.



2016-11-10 11:24

manager   ~0054501

@cproensa Great to know its on your list.

Let's go deeper in the design approach as you start working on this and explore the options a bit. I would take the following into consideration.

  • We currently have the concept of standard filters in My View page and in the SOAP API.
  • The standard filters behavior can depend on configuration options like closed threshold.
  • We don't persist them in db and hence it is easy to add new ones.
  • The filter names can be localized.
  • They can't be deleted or modified.

I like the idea of having a standard method to deal with both standard and custom filters, but we should take the above into consideration and put together a proposal.

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