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0022688mantisbtuipublic2019-07-11 15:29
ReporterTiKu Assigned Toatrol  
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Product Version2.3.0 
Summary0022688: Menu items not clickable if plugins add too many of them

I use a plugin that adds 6 buttons to the menu on the left side. On some older laptops the display resolution is too low so that not all menu buttons are visible. Collapsing the menu would help, but the button to collapse it isn't visible as well. Currently the only solution is to zoom out until all buttons are visible.
It would be great if Mantis could handle such a situation a bit better. I agree that a scrollable menu probably would be quite ugly, but maybe the collapse button could be turned into a sticky button that won't be moved out of the visible screen. For me this already would be sufficient.

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duplicate of 0025893 new BAD displaying for several plugin MAIN Menu button 
has duplicate 0023361 closedatrol No Sidebar vertical overflow 
has duplicate 0024730 closedatrol Left sidebar elements are not visible if a lot of elements have to be displayed 




2017-04-07 03:44

developer   ~0056431

It may be helpful to provide us with a link to the plugin you're using, as it would facilitate problem reproduction.

I don't know if that's an option, but as a workaround, you may want to consider changing the plugin so that it uses a sub-menu approach (similar to the Manage page) instead of adding so many top-level items.



2017-04-07 04:49

reporter   ~0056434

The plugin is an internal one of my company. I cannot make it public that easy. But I can provide a sample plugin that just adds enough menu items to reproduce the problem. Shall I?

Sub-menus already are used to some degree, but the plugin is a huge one and there are plenty of pages that cannot really be grouped logically underneath the same main menu item.



2019-06-28 04:46

developer   ~0062332

Setting the older issue as resolved, as there is a user offering a pull request in the newer one 0025893



2019-06-28 05:20

developer   ~0062334

as there is a user offering a pull request in the newer one 0025893

@atrol, I don't see any PR related to this , and definitely no mention of it in 0025893. Maybe you confused with 0025892 ?

If there is indeed no PR, then I'd suggest to reopen this one and close 0025893 as duplicate.



2019-06-28 05:52

developer   ~0062337

@dregad I used wrong wording

The user does not offer a PR but asks if we would agree to a PR, see description of 0025893

Would you agree to a possible pull request ?

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